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      This ministry provides handyman services to homes and residences of Parkway Hills members who are in need of assistance, including but not limited to our single, elderly, or disabled members.


      Some of the services we provide are handyman repairs (light carpentry, plumbing, electric), landscaping, painting, and various technology services (such as programming remotes for TVs, and help with computers, printers, and cellular phones).


      Usually the jobs we perform take anywhere from an hour to a 1/2 day, but larger jobs can be considered.  We provide free labor and expertise; all you do is pay for the cost of materials. 


      Please fill out the form and we will get in contact with you!

      Our deacon ministry is patterned after the model found in the early New Testament church.

      Our mission is to be an extension of the ministry of our staff by reaching out in order to evangelize the lost, minister to the needs of the church family, and support the overall mission of the church.


      We are a body of servant leaders, dedicated to supporting the spiritual and physical needs of the church by serving through prayer, visitation, and support. We target practical everyday needs. You can learn more below about how these ministries can help meet your specific need or provide you an avenue for ministry service.

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