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Elementary Age

3 Ways To Make Sense Of Your Child’s Misbehavior


Misbehavior is a form of communication. Understanding behavior is like learning part

            of your children’s language and that’s crucial to their development and the health of

            your relationship.



6 Questions To Ask Your Kids To Help Them Make Big Decisions

It's on us as parents to know how to help a child make a decision. By asking 6 simple questions, kids will find clarity and gain confidence in their decision making abilities.



6 Things To Do With Teenagers To Love Them Well

What do you do with teenagers to truly connect? Here are 6 things to do to love them well.


Elementary Age

5 Ways To Teach Your Kids To See The Best In People


We want to teach our kids to see the good in others, even when it's easier to see the worst. Here are 5 practical ways to do that.



5 Things To Say To Protect Your Kids From Online Predators

Keeping kids safe from online predators takes more than just a list of "do nots". We have to help our kids think differently.


Adult Children

10 Things Your Adult Children Wish You Would See In Them

Even when our kids are grown, they still need us to notice them. Here are 10 things your adult children hope you will see in them.


Elementary Age

5 Ways To Know If Your Kid Is Ready To Be Home Alone


Leaving children home alone the first couple of times is scary. It's tough to know if they are at a maturity level to handle it. Here are some ways to determine if your children are ready to be home alone.



10 Things To Say To A Strong Willed Teen

Do you have a teen who is relentless in their arguments? Here are 10 responses when the conversation is going in circles. 

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