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As Christians, we all have a story of what Jesus Christ has done in our lives. While we are all walking on our individual paths, we also journey together as a church to glorify God, make disciples of every generation and serve the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The following are great testimonies from real people in our church. They touch topics of cancer, divorce, studying God's Word, being a stay at home mom, and more. 

      Hailey is a freshman in high school, plays the flute, loves academics and has bright, compassionate eyes. She said that the pressures of a full class load and a full schedule often stress her out. But Hailey is a young woman with a strong faith in Jesus, and she says that staying on the path with him helps her have more self-control and peace during those times. She often seeks out moments of quiet to pray and pour out her thoughts and emotions to him.
      Although Hailey continually pursues her relationship with Jesus, her faith has been tested through difficult circumstances, even at her young age. A few years back, her dad faced a battle with cancer. It was a hard diagnosis for her family to hear and the months of treatment were painful and frustrating. Hailey says that during that time, her family relied on their faith more than ever, trusting that something good would come from it.
     She remembers some nights while her dad was hospitalized when she stayed at a friend’s house. One of the those nights fell on her birthday. At first, Hailey was discouraged not to be with her own family on her birthday, but her friend’s family treated her as one of their own and celebrated her day with gifts, cake and laughter. It was then that she realized, “There’s no way that God isn’t here. He’s in every moment.”
      Hailey saw God providing for her even in the smallest details of her life. She also sees God continuing to use her dad’s battle with cancer to shape her future. Hailey is interested in pursuing a medical career after high school, possibly in the area of oncology. She understands how much opportunity and value there is in showing compassion and love to others during trying circumstances. When she thinks about her future career path she says, “That would be a cool way to spread Jesus.”

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