Life Groups (small groups) are an integral part of the community at Parkway Hills. Parkway Hills wants every person to experience gospel transformation in Jesus Christ.  This occurs by connecting in community with other believers, growing spiritually in a daily, accountable walk with Christ, and intentionally investing their lives in others. Life Groups exist to build an ever-growing community of believers and seekers engaging in truth, relationships, growth, and influence. In other words, our groups exist for us to grow together.


      If you would like to find a Life Group, please click one of the links below. You can also visit the Connection area on Sunday Mornings and one of our Host Team members will help you find the right class for you.

8:00 Sunday Life Group

Singles Life Group - A113 - Joe Patton, Teacher

A life group for singles 40+ in any stage of life.

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9:30 Sunday Life Groups

Patton Life Group - E144 - Billy Rogers

A life group for parents from ages 35-50 in all seasons of life, with their kids who are in middle school and high school. 

The Journey - The Quad - Adam Hines, Teacher

Our group consists of mostly 30-40 somethings, married with kids, meeting weekly to study the Bible and its application in our lives.

Choosing the Path - Music Suite - Michael Robinson, Teacher

This is a Life Group of 20-somethings, a mixture of both married and singles, meeting weekly on Sunday mornings to better understand how to apply God's Word to our day to day living.

New Adventures in Parenting - A111

For 20s and 30s who are considering children or beginning their parenting journey.

The Gathering - Room A112 - Kyle Jones, Teacher

A young married couples group of late 30-somethings with young children, focused on strengthening our relationships with God and each other through group discussion of studies rooted in biblical principles and direct Bible study.

The Vine - Room A113

Jesus said, "I am the true vine, and my Father is the vinedresser. Every branch in me that does not bear fruit he takes away, and every branch that does bear fruit He prunes, that it may bear more fruit." We live out this life together as young families who worship, study, discuss, pray, fellowship, and we volunteer for service both inside and outside of the church. Join us!

Truth Seekers - Room B120 - Bob Thorsell, Teacher

A group of 40-somethings with school-age children, we are studying the Bible and doing life together, as well as praying, sharing and caring for one another through life's daily challenges.

The Rock & the Hard Place - Room B121 - Steve Sigrist, Teacher

Relax in a conversational setting while we discuss the ongoing challenges of how to build boldness and bravery to do what God is asking us to do. All ages and faith stages are welcome. Bring all your discussion points, good experiences, bad experiences, and real-world questions as we explore what may change in us and the world as we strive to fulfill our potential.

Adkins - Room C153/4 - Ron Adkins, Teacher

A 65+ group of diverse backgrounds and interests who enjoy Bible study together, as well as praying, sharing and caring for one another through life's daily challenges.

Scripture Sisters - Room D165 - Shirley Esposito, Teacher

Scripture Sisters is a group of women, ages 55+, encompassing all seasons of life, building one another up to reflect the love of Christ. Our curriculum topics focus on subjects our members are interested in studying. We have a place for you!

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11:00 Sunday Life Groups

Agape - The Quad - Walt Zimmer & Walter Mickels, Teachers

This is a 65+ Bible discussion and participative group. The curriculum focuses on the practical application of God's Word in our daily faith walk with a missional emphasis on placing into practice that which we learn and know by living out what we believe.

Garner - A109 - James Garner, Teacher

We are a group of active Christ-followers, ages 50s-60s, with many being empty-nesters. We have couples and singles who attend regularly. Our members are involved in the worship and media ministry, church committees, women's ministry, widow's ministry, and weekly Bible studies. Group activities include entertainment outings, luncheons and tablescapes, to name a few.

Successful Living - Room A112 - Paul Mills

For adults age 60+! Join us for familiar hymns, encouraging Bible lessons, and fellowship opportunities. Everyone is welcome!

Salt & Light - Room A113 - Kyle Morrill & Johnny Breitenfeld, Teachers

Our group, mostly 50s & 60s, utilizes a discussion/interaction/life application approach to studying God's Word. Outside events like Ladies Night Out, socials, mission opportunities and Dinner Clubs promote fellowship in the group. Many of our members are very involved in the life and ministry of our church.

Fellowship - Room B120

We are a group of adults of all ages and in all seasons of life, studying the Bible together. Our Life Group is geared for those who have not necessarily been in a Bible study recently but are interested in finding out more about what the Bible has to say about dealing with daily life. All are welcome!

The Well - Room B121 - Kyle Basinger, Teacher

An active Life Group of ages 30s-40s, focusing on our relationship with Jesus Christ by utilizing His Word, prayer, and thanksgiving to enhance our witness in all areas of life.

Common Ground - Room C153/154 - Glen Callison, Mike Fields, Jeff Holder, Teachers

We are an active group of adults of ages 50s-60s. Many have high-school-age and college-age children. If you are looking for a group with dynamic personalities, community spirit, and a heart for missions, all centered on inspired Bible study designed for personal life change, then this class might be of interest to you.

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5:00 p.m. Sunday Life Group

Young Adult Life Group - The Commons

Who? … singles in either the college or early career life stage

What? … weekly small group Bible study and fellowship

Where? … Parkway Hills Baptist Church

Our Bible Study…

Our heart for this Life Group ultimately rests in the desire to glorify God and ground our purposes in His Word. 

• Seeing Jesus Christ as supremely beautiful and glorious (2 Cor. 4:6)

• Grasping this vision of Jesus through Scripture  (Luke 24:47)

• Growing in love for HIm and in love for others  (Matt. 22:37-40)

• Developing a passion for God’s Word that grows over a lifetime  (Psalm 119:10, 18, 97)

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